We offer a convenient plan for all sizes of dogs, cats and rabbits that includes yearly vaccinations and twice yearly consultations as well as a years supply of the best worming and flea treatments.

Also included in the plan are big disounts on microchips, PETS passports, food, accessories, dental procedures, other vaccination as well as nurse clinics and much more!  All this for a small convenient monthly direct debit payment.

The scheme represents a 10% discount on your normal routine products compared to our normal charges as well as spreading the cost over 12 small payments to make it easier to budget. Any other pets that are signed up to the scheme also get a further 10% discount making a massive overall saving.

For an optional £2.75 a month extra payment your pets can be covered by accidental injury insurance.  Although not a full insurance policy this is a very cost effective way of covering those unexpected bills caused by road accidents or other accidental injuries.

Please call for more information.