The practice has vets with local veterinary inspector training to allow us to export pets on the PETS travel scheme. If you are interested in taking your pet abroad please phone us for details of the scheme.

For you to be able to take your pet abroad and bring it back into the UK it will have to comply with the Pet Travel Scheme. This consists of three parts: Microchipping, vaccinating and issuing the passport .



A microchip is a permanent method of identification. A small microchip is put under the skin between the shoulder blades of the animal and remains there for life. The microchip is read with a handheld scanner, which reads the barcode in the chip. Each microchip has a unique number allowing identification of individual animals. For travel abroad each animal has to be microchipped before it can have its Rabies vaccine.


Vaccination and issue of Passport:

Animals have to be at least three months old before they can have their vaccination. The vaccination must be given at least 21 days before travel.
The passport can be issued once the animal is vaccinated.


Booster vaccination:

The passport will have to be revalidated at each booster vaccination (every three years). If the booster vaccination is given before the passport runs out the animal can travel immediately. If the animal goes over the date of expiry of the passport even by one day they will have to wait 21 days before travel.

For travel to EU countries (except Sweden) the passport should be all that is necessary. For travel to Non-EU countries extra certificates will be necessary. The animal will need to be examined a few days before travel and the export health certificate issued. For some countries extra tests are required so you should obtain details well in advance.


Ports of entry into the UK:

Animals will only be allowed to enter the country through designated ports. You will need to check with your travel agent that you will be entering the UK through one of these designated ports and with a licensed carrier.


Return to the UK:

Dogs have to be treated for tapeworms before returning to the UK. The tapeworm treatment will have to be done by a veterinary surgeon within 24 – 120 hours (one-five days) of return to the UK This will have to be signed for by them in the passport. Queries can be answered by a member of staff.