We try and encourage microchip identification of all animals to prevent loss and theft of loved pets. The chip is inserted under the skin by qualified vets (unlike pet-shops) to ensure accurate and pain free placement.

From April 1st 2016 it was a legal requirement that all dogs are microchipped and registered by the age of 8 weeks, to prevent straying and theft. Heavy fines can in theory be applied to those owners that don’t comply with the new rules.

If your dog or puppy attends the practice and is found to be over the age of 8 weeks but has had no microchip implanted, we will require your pet to have a microchip implanted at time of visit to ensure the surgery is conforming to best practice.

Although there is currently no legal requirement for cats to be microchipped we thoroughly recommend all cats are protected also, especially as majority of cats are allowed free roam outside. More often than not lost cats are not returned to their owners as they have a tendency to wonder a long way from home!

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