Full Surgical Facilities

Our surgery is equipped with the best anaesthetic and monitoring equipment for surgical procedures.

We carry out routine neutering, dental procedures and both minor and complex soft tissue surgery. The Practice also has a special interest in all areas of canine pet fertility offering services such as artificial insemination, transcervical insemination and progesterone testing and our surgeons are extremely skilled in caesarean sections, allowing our clients to rest assured that their bitches are in the best possible hands. 

BOAS surgery and Cherry Eye Surgery are also common practice at Essex Vets, and we have now extended the services we offer to include the addition of Hip and Elbow Dysplasia Scores which are submitted to the Canine Health Scheme for certification. Our senior vets have had extensive CPD and extended training in nearly all types of surgery and this saves clients having to be referred to very expensive referral centres. It is also much more convenient and far less stressful for patients to be treated at one site rather than having to be driven elsewhere for a procedure.